Coded Creatures is an application created by MU and FIBER. It was developed especially for the online educational program MU Play&Learn and is part of FIBER’s series Coded Matter(s).

Coded Creatures is an online course in ‘Object Orientated Programming’. In 6 lessons you can learn the basic principles of the programming language Processing and design your own character. At the end of the course you can ‘release’ this character into the virtual environment created especially by artist Daan van Hasselt. So if you take part in Coded Creatures you will not only master creative programming, but also contribute to an artistic eco system.

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About MU Play&Learn

MU Play&Learn is the online atelier of MU art space in Eindhoven (NL). On you can find apps, workshops and video tutorials and you can play with the creative digital tools used by contemporary artists. MU is an adventurous guide to the outskirts of contemporary art, for today and tomorrow, and for a wide audience. With MU Play&Learn MU intends to involve its audience more actively and see if the latest in digital tools can bring together different generations.

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Coded Matter(s)

Coded Matter(s) is FIBER’s new platform and event series exploring the explosion of digital processes taking place in hybrid art, design and music. Beside events and performances, Coded Matter(s), also creates and distributes apps and creative software.

FIBER is an Amsterdam based organisation, that connects and presents creators of audiovisual art, digital culture and the deeper corners of electronic music to a passionate audience. They critically discuss the use of new tools showing the potentials and pitfalls of working with digital technology. Their aim is to encourage an exchange of ideas between ‘old masters’ and a new generation of makers and their audience.

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Coded Creatures was developed by FIBER for MU Play&Learn.

Concept & Design: Jarl Schulp & Fabian van Sluijs (FIBER) & Daan van Hasselt (art direction, education)
Developer: David Jonas
Support by: Bram Snijders & Carolien Teunisse (FIBER)
Contact: Vivian van Gaal (MU) & FIBER

Daan van Hasselt (NL) is a creative programmer, visual artist and educator, passionate about writing software for live audiovisual performances, multi-media installations and generative artworks. Working with tools like openFrameworks, Processing, Arduino and TouchDesigner, he is able to express himself through code. As a freelance developer he gained extensive experience in developing both commercial and artistic applications.

David Jonas is a computer science engineer and a creative coding teacher with a huge passion for the symbiotic relationship between the rule driven world of technology and the rule defiant world of art. Based in The Netherlands, he has been working mainly in the media art sector with cultural institutions, museums and artists all over the world.

Made with support from Provincie Noord-Brabant | BKKC & Creative Industry Fund NL